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Solful Slings

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Our mission is to create an affordable, comfortable and all around Solful Sling!  No parent or child should go without experiencing the wonderful bond a sling creates.  Help your child be part of YOUR world and become a babywearer!


All slings are handmade by the designer.
Our most popular slings are made from 100% cotton batik. Cotton/linen blends are also available in solid colors.
The rings used on our slings are tested to hold more than 250lbs and come in a variety of colors. They are attached with a special stitch and triple sewn for durability and safety.
All slings are prewashed using all natural detergents and fabric softeners.

Benefits of Babywearing

1. Babywearing is Convenient!
Feel like you need an extra arm, maybe two? Wearing baby in a sling makes it fun and easy to get every day tasks and chores done...with two hands! And the best part is, baby stays close and comfy at all times. It can't get any more convenient than that!

2. Babies are Happier!
Throughout indigenous cultures where babywearing is the norm, babies cry much less often, only a few minutes a day; verses Western beliefs, that hours of crying a day is "normal". Babies who feel safe and secure and have their needs met,  cry less and therefore are happier!

3. Babywearing Promotes Physical Development
Because babies feel all their mom's movements including heartbeat and breathing patterns this helps to stimulate their vestibular system, which controls balance, thus promoting positive physical development. This is especially important for preemies or special needs babies.

4. Wearing Your Baby is Healthy for You!
New mothers cannot exercise vigorously after giving birth, nor do they have the time. Wearing baby in a sling while on a walk or just picking up the house gives you the chance to "weightlift" comfortably. Plus, it makes for great bonding time, which helps lift spirits and settle the sol.

5. Toddlers Love Slings Too!
Over stimulated toddlers can become tired and cranky fast. A sling is a great place for a quick, comforting nap, especially when out and about. Going to the zoo is fun, but not when your child struggles to see everything from that huge stroller you've had to push through crowds of people! Having your toddler in a sling at your eye level will not only help her see better, but also help her learn more!

6. Slings Help With Communication
Sometimes reading your babies cues can be difficult, even for mom. Having your baby close helps you become attuned to their actions and respond to their needs before the cries. When babies communicate without crying, their learning is enhanced, trust is increased and confidence in ourselves is restored.

7. Babywearing is NOT Just for MOM!
Sometimes new fathers feel a little left out when a new baby arrives, especially if the mother is breastfeeding. Having dad wear baby not only helps to create a stronger bond, but also gives mom a chance for some much needed rest! Grandparents, older siblings and caregivers, just to name a few, will also love to wear a sling. Who doesn't love to snuggle  with a baby?!

8. Slings are Wonderful for Breastfeeding!
Not only are slings convenient for getting things done, they are also the best place to breastfeed your baby. No matter where you are, when baby is hungry, baby can eat. The sling makes for the MOST discreet nursing haven for baby. And, the tail serves as extra cover-up for mom. You can continue throughout your day without having to hide or find a comfortable place to nurse. The sling can also accommodate a nursing toddler!

9. Slings are Economical
Strollers, carriers, backpacks, swings, and bouncers can be expensive, especially if you buy all of them! Slings are affordable and last at least 2 years (per child)!! It can be used anywhere and worn in many different carrying positions. ASolful Sling will be one of the most useful and economical possessions you'll own!

10. Babywearing is Fun!
Having your child up at your eye level will make conversations between you more enjoyable. Not only will your child love being close to you, they will love all the interactions with other people. The sling is a great conversation starter, especially for those who have not seen a sling. (Just make sure you tell them it's a Solful Sling!)

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